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Indian Music Video Awards-2017 | Winners

IMVA-17: Complete Winners List

Indian Music Video Awards




Black Water
Music: Rain in Sahara




Aahe Nila Saila
Music: Krishna Beuraa / Suraj Purohit



Take the Next Step
Music: Gabriella Burnel




The Invisible Boy
Music: James And The Butcher



Searching for Sunlight
Music: Golden Bloom



November Under Ashes
Music: Zoé Simpson



Music: Anuragi



Mechanism of life
Music: Conflict



Me, Baby and the Alligator | Music: Bob Olivier | Video: Jean Faucher
The Invisible Boy | Music: James and the Butcher | Video: Fabio Bozzetto
Meteora | Music: Moostroo | Video: Francesco Pontiggia
Linda | Music: Insanos | Video: Leandro Corinto
So in Love | Music: Hailey Tuck | Video: Jethro Massey
Alexander | Music: Liset Alea | Video: Jethro Massey
Listen | Music: Rivita A. Goyle | Video: Rivita A. Goyle
Riders on the Storm | Music: LoveKills | Video: Keep Yah Joy / Makaya Kelday
No More You (NOOIT MEER JIJ) | Music: Sharon Kips | Video: Bart Dokter
U.G.L.Y. | Music: Brandon Albano | Video: Efrain De La Torre
A Man and His Umbrella | Music: Daniel Karlsson Trio | Video: Helene Berg
Ruby | Music: Tiefengestein | Video: Toby Wulff
Drive | Music: Paloma Rush | Video: Steffen Gruber / Lars Deutsch
Mon Ange Video | Music: Natalie Jean | Video: Zakk Farkas / Natalie Jean
You Say You Love Me | Music: The Kifffness | Video: Quinton Lavery
Boring I Love You | Music: Meattle & Malik | Video: Nikhil Malik
Leaving and Passing by | Music: Bomrani Band | Video: Aliyar Rasti
Tere Bin | Music: Pankaj Rajkhowa / Tom Borah | Video: Pankaj Rajkhowa
Lanidiga | Music: Nellys Lucky Number | Video: Peter Engelmann
All the Nightmares | Music: Katodelic Pictures | Video: Paweł Cichoński
Fun Fun Boogie | Music: Big Mountain County | Video: Sebastiano Greco
Hot Air | Music: Wir bringen kalten Kaffee Mit | Video: Leo Feisthauer / Tim Koglin
Unconscious Conscious | Music: Sun Root | Video: Stanley Thomas / Lindsay Peyton

Indian Music Video Awards 2017 was held in Guwahati, Assam on March 18, 2017. Music and video directors from over 18 countries participated in one of the most gala events to ever happen in Assam. Congratulations to the winning music videos We are thankful to all the participants, judges, sponsors and well wishers.

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Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017 | photo showcase

The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival-2017 brought together the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and Burma in a cultural celebration of food, dance, art, craft and more. An Ethnic Extravaganza, the festival was organized on 20th Jan to 22nd Jan, 2017 in Nampong, the easternmost village in India at “India – Myanmar” border in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

This tourist Festival offers the privilege to explore the region, comprehend the complex cultures, facile cuisines and simple lifestyles of the many countryside tribes of the state including some communities from the Seven Sisters. Besides illustrating cultures and traditions, this mega event also offers photo opportunity for the awestruck visitors. Moreover, due to the traditional ties with Myanmar, the carnival also reveals the ethnic elegances of the neighboring nation.

Located in one of the most peaceful and eco-friendly territories, Pangsau Pass is a nature’s storehouse. As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greenery, the dense foliage obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies, the insects in the forest floor, and the other flora and fauna make a sojourn here worthwhile.

The three-day extravaganza, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II cemetery, the border bazaar, The Lake of No Return, The Hell Gate, WW-II medical ruins at Wintong, the ethnic museum and lot more.

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017. photo courtesy- Bitu Chetia

Photos shared by Ranjan Engti | Copyright remains with the photographers

Edited by- Debjani Hazarika

‘Lag Jaa Gale’ by Late Madan Mohan wins the ‘Hit Thhe Hit Rahenge’ Best Song Award

 ‘Lag Jaa Gale’ by Late Madan Mohan wins the ‘Hit Thhe Hit Rahenge’ Best Song Award 
The evergreen ‘Lag Jaa Gale’ by Late Madan Mohan wins the ‘Hit Thhe Hit Rahenge’ Best Song Award of the golden era

Bollywood retro music is the reflection of an era. It's the perfect amalgamation of soothing melodies, soulful lyrics and groundbreaking fast-numbers. 92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and No.1 radio network that has pioneered the retro radio entertainment segment, is acknowledging this golden era of Bollywood through ‘Hit Thhe Hit Rahenge’ awards. The first ever timeless radio awards commemorate the evergreen Bollywood movies and legendary performers and will be honoring them under 5 categories, namely, Best Music Director and Song, Best Comedian and Villain, Best heroine and playback singer Female, Best Film Director and Playback Singer Male and Best Film and Hero.

Applauding the most loved music of the retro era, the Best Song award was today given to late Mr. Madan Mohan for the moving track ‘Lag Jaa Gale’ based on consumer voting. Madan Mohan’s son Sanjeev Kohli accepted the award on his behalf.

Renowned for his delightful ghazal based compositions, Madan Mohan Kohli is one of the most loved music directors of the 50’s and 60’s. A deserving winner, ‘Lag ja gale’ is a track that has stood the test of time and till date can leave music aficionados teary eyed.

While commenting on the win, music producer Sanjeev Kohli said, “It is a moment of honor for me to receive the award on behalf of my father. He has given some of the best and memorable songs of that era to the music industry. I am thankful to 92.7 BIG FM to recognize his exceptional talent and remember him in a most respectful manner by honoring him with 'Hit Thhe Hit Rahenge' award.”

Remembering late Mr. Madan Mohan on the occasion, Lata Mangeshkar said, “A lot of memories are attached with Madan Bhaiyya’s songs and there was this one thing he always used to explain. He used to tell me how to sing, what is the situation and used to say, I have tried to make it good, now it is your responsibility to sing it properly. I used to try and many a times it happened that we used to re do it again. Sometimes he would say it is not proper, sometimes I would say, no I want to sing it again. But this didn’t happen for this song. I think we did it in one or two takes and even today it feels nice to hear that song and it feels good because it was made beautifully, written beautifully but the way he has composed it is outstanding.

Edited by -  Debjani Hazarika

PR Entertainment to host special screening of 'Bahniman' for Assamese film lovers in Bangalore

What? Directors Cut with Biswajeet Bora | Bahniman movie screening
When? March 18 and 19, 2017 | 4:00 PM-9:00 PM
Where? Nrityakshetra Kasturi Ranga Mandira, Hoysala Nagar, Horamavu, Bengaluru
Tickets - | 96639 11882

PR Entertainment, a Bangalore based event management organization brings Directors Cut with Biswajeet Bora, an exclusive screening of his Assamese film "Bahniman", in Bangalore on March 18 and 19, 2017. The exclusive event will also feature a candid Q&A on filmmaking with the director, and live performances by various artists.

Bahniman is an Assamese movie directed by Biswajeet Bora and was released on 02 December, 2016. The movie features Yashpal Sharma, Jatin Bora and Rimi Hazarika as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for the movie are Arun Hazarika, Baharul Islam, Bishnu Khargharia, Nihal Das, Champak Sharma, Rina Bora, Chetana Das, Mahadev Deka, Pooja Kasekar and many other budding actors and actresses from Assam. The movie is under the banner of Santoshi Maa Production and is produced by Barnali Hazarika.

Director's Cut with Biswajeet Bora's Bahniman
Assam’s almost 80-year old Assamese film industry has a rich legacy of some great artistic as well as some thought-provoking and entertaining work. Starting way back in 1953, this industry has generated an immensely influential yet compelling body of work. Through the works of numerous stalwarts, especially Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Barua, Assamese cinema has developed a languid, and poignant yet sensitive style of movie storytelling.

Over its long history, the Assamese film industry has come through a long period of change. While over the years, movies from Assam have been felicitated and well received in the National Awards, Assamese cinema has never really managed to break through on the national scene. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Assamese film industry has itself seen a metamorphosis of sorts with the emergence of Bollywood-style Assamese movies, with tried and tested storylines, uninteresting plots and characters and the lack of a social message.

Coupled to this, the lack of adequate infrastructure has led to a dwindling interest in Assamese movies and moviemaking in general. Most cinema halls in Assam are dirty, with poor lighting and obsolete sound systems. Even as traditional halls in larger cities bring in advanced technology to catch up, and with more multiplexes opening up, moviegoers are increasingly preferring more of Bollywood and international movies. This crisis has been ongoing for over two decades now, with cinema halls in the state having declined from 160 about 20 years back to 38 halls last year, leading to mounting losses for theatre owners and distributors.

What is required in Assamese cinema now is movies with good content - story, music, relevance, and a strong social message. As more emerging directors, producers and actors take to making quality, meaningful cinema, Assamese films are set for a revival. Recent works from Assamese directors, such as ‘Bahniman’, 'Doordarshan' and 'Kothanodi' has amply proved that Assamese cinema is far from dead. Assamese audiences today are rediscovering something worthy of watching in cinema halls, and the works of directors like Biswajeet Bora are a testimony of that resurgent passion. Biswajeet is a director who knows the craft very well, and is detailed and meticulous in his approach to moviemaking.

About Biswajeet Bora

Biswajeet Bora, who is also well known for his films like "Aisa Ye Jahan", is a prominent emerging director from Assam. Initially, Biswajeet wanted to be an actor and being from Assam, he started with theatre. He did a lot of work as an actor and also directed a few plays. Following this, he moved to Mumbai where he joined an editing studio and started working as an editor. Then he assisted internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jahnu Barua for several years before making his own foray into film direction, including the Assamese film Ejak Jonakir Jhilmil (A Thousand Fireflies Sparkle) in 2007. In 2009 he made the documentary – Angel of the Aboriginals: Dr Verrier Elwin. This documentary was selected for several international film festivals, including the ‘Bollywood Beyond Film Festival’ in Germany and the IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences) in Turkey.

About PR Entertainment

PR Entertainment was established in 2017, with the intention of promoting regional films across the metros in India. The initiative aims to bring regional cinema to people who are living far away from their native states would get the opportunity to enjoy their regional movies. This in turn would help regional cinema filmmakers to maximise their viewers along with better revenue generation, while taking the distributors out of the mix. PR Entertainment also focuses on helping new talent to promote and showcase their work in and through digital media.

Edited by Siddharth Tanti

Music for the Heart at the 6th Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival

Music for the Heart at the 6th Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival
WHAT? Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival
WHEN? 14-16 April, 2016
WHERE? Baikunth Resorts, Kasuali

Genesis Foundation in association with Fitbit & Powered by announces the 6th edition of its annual flagship musical event, Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival. The festival will be held during the Easter weekend from April 14-16 at Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli. Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival is all set to bring in an irresistible line-up of popular Indian artists from across genres to echo in the picturesque hills of Himachal for a beautiful cause. Touted to be one of the top music festivals of India, the festival promises to be a perfect weekend for one and all. Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival is an annual flagship event of Genesis Foundation. Creating a niche for itself, Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival has now become one of the most anticipated music festivals in the country. The three-day event promises a range of power-packed performances from bands like Jonita Gandhi Band, Neeraj Arya Kabir Café, Nasya, Eka, Kamakshi Khanna Collective and a Bollywood Surprise. This year there are also fun-packed activities such as a Drum Circle and Meditation with Music. The Festival draws people from across the country, to Kasauli to aid the fund-raiser for under-privileged kids suffering from heart disorders. After facilitating the medical treatment for more than 1000 plus critically ill, underprivileged children, Genesis Foundation (GF) announced its core focus to be Heart Disorders as of Feb 1, 2017. Not only is it one of the most common ailments in kids, but it is also an area that desperately needs attention and is sorely missing awareness, resources, and support.

The funds raised at Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival 2017 will be used to support the treatment of children suffering from heart disorders. Prema Sagar, Founding Trustee of Genesis Foundation (GF) said, “It is really exciting to see how Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival has grown over the years. What is even more heartening to see is that while people love the air in the hills of Kasauli, good music and friends – they also feel strongly about the purpose. From our supporters, to donors and music lovers, to volunteers, Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival really brings out the best in everyone. It’s a festival with a heart, to Save Little Hearts. Genesis Foundation has treated over 1200+ children and we hope to move faster with the participation of our "Friends of GF Communities” so that we save many more children.

Talking about its association with GF, Manisha Sood, Director and Country General Manager-India, Fitbit said “We are proud of being the title sponsors of this year’s Rhythm and Blues Festival and extremely happy with our association with the Genesis Foundation. As we enter our 3rd year of partnering with the Foundation in their noble initiatives, we continue to pledge our support towards spreading the hope of life amongst the children. As the leader in the connected health and fitness category, we strive to have a fit and healthy nation. We want to spread the word far and wide through this partnership to drive others for their positive contribution towards this great cause!”

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director,, APAC & Middle-East also commented saying “I am delighted to be part of yet another season of Kasauli Rhythm & Blues by Genesis Foundation (GF). The passion and dedication exhibited by the GF team to support the critically ill under-privileged children are extremely inspiring. Every child deserves a true chance at life. Through my past association with Genesis Foundation, I have learned that giving is a strange thing. It gives more to the giver than the receiver. For me it goes beyond merely donating for a cause. My need to be a part of this cause is higher than the children Genesis Foundation supports”

The line up this year includes…

Friday, 14th April
Late too Soon
Rajeev Raja Combine

Saturday, 15th April
Kamakshi Khanna Collective
Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café
Jonita Gandhi Band
Bollywood Surprise

Sunday, 16 th April
Drum Circle
Meditation with Music

Believing strongly that music is a positive and participatory force in the creation of change, the Foundation invites established and upcoming artistes from India’s diverse pool of musical talent to perform in support of the under-privileged kids each year.

To raise awareness and resources to facilitate medical assistance to GF Kids, Genesis Foundation has created unusual and unique participative fundraising events involving music, art and food. Some of these events are CEO's Cook for GF Kids and Music for Life events, among many others. GF is also the beneficiary of CEO’s Got Talent, produced by FremantleMedia.

Passes can be availed at

Genesis Foundation facilitates medical treatment for critically ill under-privileged children suffering with Heart Disorders. The support required in the said critical illness varies from specific surgeries (including neonatal), Cath Lab Interventions along with recovery and recuperation post-surgery.

We Save Little Hearts have supported medical treatment of over 1000 critically ill children. The children supported by the Foundation belong to families with an income of less than Rs 10,000 per month and the parents and caregivers are unable to afford treatment of these children who suffer from a serious life-threatening ailment.

100% of funds raised are used towards treatment of critically ill children as all overhead costs are borne by the founder trustees.

GF is registered under Section 12-A and 80-G of the Income Tax Act, which entitles 50% tax exemption. GF is also registered under FCRA allowing it to receive foreign funds.

To know more, visit –

Edited by - Debjani Hazarika

Thank you Pune for the best-ever Vh1 Supersonic!

Vh1 Supersonic 2017
~A momentous Vh1 Supersonic weekend culminates with thousands grooving to Zedd!

As the sun set on Vh1 Supersonic, Pune witnessed a multitude of emotions in the span of a few hours. The three-day festival set a new benchmark with its final electrifying lineup and mesmerizing experiences. There was a palpable sense of electricity in the air that contained a certain level of nostalgia, as well as excitement, when headlining act ZEDD hit the final beat at the festival.

The fourth edition of Vh1 Supersonic witnessed a lot of love from its audience through their overwhelming response to the festival’s transformation. Thousands of music lovers united at Laxmi Lawns to experience the biggest names in international music such as Eric Prydz, Macklemore and Zedd. What brought the festival to life were the immersive experiences curated by Team Supersonic keeping in mind every need of festival goers.

Excited about the response to the fourth edition of the festival, Saugato Bhowmik, Business Head, Integrated Network Solutions and Consumer Products, said, “Our vision for this edition of Vh1 Supersonic was to provide the best ever live experience to our fans, which goes beyond music and reflects in each and every aspect that brings the festival alive. While a good lineup helps attract a large audience, a great experience is what makes the festival memorable. We strived to ensure that there was something for everyone who attended the festival and are proud to know that the audience felt the same way. I am proud of my team for all their hard work they put in to create an unforgettable festival and can’t thank the audience enough for making Vh1 Supersonic a grand success.”

The third and final day of Vh1 Supersonic commenced as Backclash and Jitter B2B Vinayak A respectively took to Sonic Realm and Spectrum Stage. The wild spirit consistently soared as Lost Stories, Tansane, MOJO JOJO and Blot! b2b Kohra united all music lovers. The vibe at Laxmi Lawns was filled with unstoppable chants and cheers for every single performance.

As an exciting fourth edition of Vh1 Supersonic comes to a magnificent end, it lives on in memory of all the thousands of music lovers that were part of its transformative journey.

Live Viacom18 is a is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. Live Viacom18 was set up with a strategic objective of growing International entertainment and its consumption on all platforms: Live, Television, Mobile and Online. Live Viacom18 focuses on building IP’s in all genres of Music (EDM, Rock, Pop and Jazz) and Entertainment (Comedy and theater shows). LIVE Viacom18 has built more than 12 large format IPs across categories over the last few years and is uniquely positioned to build a 360 degree promotional and fan base built up ecosystem. Live Viacom18 has a strong technology business called Spotlight which has direct partnerships with all leading telecom and handset operators in India which give its access to 900 million touch points for pushing consumption of music, varied form of content and music from the live events and Artists bytes and trivia. LIVE Viacom18 engages with millions of consumers through impactful large format live properties such as Vh1 SUPERSONIC MTV VMAI, Nickelodeon KCA, Emerge, MTV Xtreme, and Comedy Central Chuckle Festival amongst others.

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's fastest growing entertainment networks and a house of iconic brands that offers multi-platform, multi-generational and multicultural brand experiences. A joint venture of Viacom Inc. and the Network18 Group, Viacom18 defines entertainment in India by touching the lives of people through its properties on air, online, on ground, in shop and through cinema.

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