Bad Guys We Love - Best Hollywood Non-Human Villains (Part One)

Hollywood's fascination for revulsion stretches further and beyond the human realm. They have created bad guys who creep into your dreams and slash your intestines, throw magic spells, pounce on you with their fangs exposed, eat you as meals and sometimes multiply. We remember them here on this post with much awe and wariness.

Freddy Krueger - Nightmare at Elm Street 
Played by Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley.

Kids Beware! This scary looking bad boy waits for you till you are asleep. While you are snoring merrily, he quietly creeps into your dreams and bam-his long razor claw slashes your intestines. No big deal, huh? Wait till you see this disfigured dream stalker throw that grisly grin at you, right before he, well, kills you. Freddy Krueger was lovelorn as a child. As a reprisal act, he took to torturing little kids in their sleep and became that serial child killing monster. He was born of a human mother but the methods he uses to kill his victims certainly seem non-human. Freddy uses anything and everything he can ‘dream up’ to torment his prey before finally skewering them on his razor-fingered glove.

Feel like taking a nap, eh? Go ahead. Just don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you!

Regan MacNeil - The Exorcist 
Played by Linda Blair

Her chubby cheeks and cute smile would have made her a teacher’s pet any other day. I honestly feel like singing ‘It’s not your fault’ to her like Phoebe Buffay sings to her smelly cat. The poor girl was possessed by Satan himself (like stepping into adolescence wasn’t enough trouble already). Next we see her screaming and swearing bearing horrendous scar marks on her pretty face. Not just that, she can turn her head 360 degrees, her eyes go awry and she levitates in the middle of the night. Don’t even get me started on her throaty voice, just thinking of it gives me the willies!

Damien Thorn - The Omen 
Played by Harvey Stephens, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Sam Neill, and Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick

Another innocent face with pure evil in the heart! Damien Thorn is the Antichrist and the son of the Devil, destined to bring the apocalypse. He has the 666 birthmark to prove it. What makes him so petrifying is probably his gumption to push his mother off a balcony, making her lose her unborn child, all in cold blood. You never know when the innocent gaze of a toddler turns into a menacing stare that could actually make lightning strike and concrete fall on your head! Better stay out of his way. Besides, he is protected by wolves!

The Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz 
Played by Margaret Hamilton

We should probably thank her for making the witch costume a trend during Halloween. The Wicked Witch of West is fiercely intimidating and you certainly don’t want to be stuck with her inside an elevator. She is jealous, hateful and like The Joker from The Dark Knight, is hell bent on causing chaos. She’s got some malevolent magical tricks up her sleeve and has a bandwagon of minions to delegate her wicked acts. Her speciality is torturing harmless animals and scaring lost little girls.

Lord Voldemort - Harry Potter Series 
Played by Ralph Fiennes

In the magical realm exists another devilish being. We call him "You-Know-Who", "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" or "the Dark Lord" for even the mention of his name maybe catastrophic. Lord Voldemort is the arch nemesis of the courageous good will ambassador Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort’s quest is to gain ultimate power by killing Harry Harry Potter since he was born and the latter always manages to escape his fatal yet futile attempts.

Alien - Alien 
Played by Bolaji Badejo

It isn’t Signoury Weaver alone that he torments. This baddie takes an entire space ship crew down, killing them one at a time. The titular Alien in the movie Alien is enormous and causes trouble of gigantic proportions. It is from the beyond and the malignant creature simply makes your blood freeze with fear. Hats of to Signoury Weaver for taking down the vicious, virtually unbeatable alien on her own!

Bruce - Jaws 
Played by a seemingly convincing mechanical model

Toothy is cute? That holds true for Bugs Bunny not for this toothy predator that basically eats human. Why? Well, because human blood titillates his sense of smell and taste. We are his staple food precisely. When Bruce the shark, pops out of the water...God save the world. This gigantic shark’s basic instincts made people scared of water and waves for a long time. Go to the beach, end up being Happy Meal for a shark!

Cujo the Dog - Cujo 
Played by a St. Bernard whose real name was Daddy; Vocal effects performed by voice actor Frank Welker

More teeth on their way- this time they’re actually fangs. Dracula? Yeah you wish! No folks this is your neighbourhood canine. Cujo is an offspring of Stephen King’s vivid imagination. He is your average lovable pet dog transformed into a vicious killing machine with an insatiable need for blood. We see his nose getting wetter and gallons of saliva dripping down his tongue as he pounces on humans and tears of their flesh. Cujo is a nightmare, especially when you are awake. Want to adopt a pet puppy? Make sure it is properly vaccinated.

Darth Vader - Star Wars 
Played by David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones

Another Lord, they call him Lord Vader or Darth Vader. This masked baddie is evil personified. Worse he is dark, disciplined and quite intelligent too which makes him all the more perilous. Vader's signature black helmet, echo-box breathing and portent-of-doom musical theme made him the #1 super villain after Dracula.There is a little explanation where we get to see why he is the way he is. We realized there was so much more to the guy in the walking coffin, and when he dies, one can’t help but grab a tissue. Now that is a great villain.

Agent Smith - The Matrix Triology 
Played by Hugo Weaving

Simply love the way he says “Hello Mr. Anderson”. He is suave, sophisticated and there are so many of them.. Agent Smith is a rogue program, resurfacing in various spots all over The Matrix without being controlled by the machines. He despises human beings, thinks they are parasitic and is out there to destroy them all. As he grows his number making every one he touches a clone of himself, he almost manages to bring an apocalypse till he was stopped by Mr Anderson or Neo, the white knight. His Men in Black attire, composure and brilliant sarcastic speeches make him an echelon of manovalence. 

-by Parmita Borah