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Music Malt - your online storehouse for the hottest and the latest from the world of music. Gigs, music, festivals, competitions, videos - visit us frequently for bite-sized info updates of what’s going on in the independent music circuit.

We've put our radar to detect a truly unique talent pool of artists from all around the globe. And our mission is to blast their music to the farthest corners of the world (Ahem! figuratively speaking. We know that the world is round.)

Among other things, every year we organize a bunch of festivals and competitions to discover upcoming musicians and blow the trumpet for them. Not just that. The best of the lot will receive trophies, certificates and attractive gift hampers. Music Malt Festivals include - Online Music Fest, Online Film Fest, Indian Music Fest, International Music Fest and International Film Fest.

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Music Malt is powered by Eastern Fare, a music organisation and a premier music institute in Bangalore. Since its inception in 2009, it has been providing classical and contemporary music classes with the intent of encouraging people to pursue music as a mainstream career. Click here to find out more about Eastern Fare.

The Team

Arts and Entertainment

Debjani Hazarika
Debjani Hazarika is a 3D animation artist and graphic designer from Guwahati, Assam. She's also a graduate in psychology. Known as Jenie among her friends, she is the founder of Purple Trope, a Guwahati based company which projects ideas in visual communication, graphic design, 3D animation, media production and physical & virtual art. Debjani is an avid traveller and has keen interest in music events, festivals and culture.


Jim Ankan Deka - Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Jim Ankan Deka is an award winning music composer, documentary film maker and photographer from Assam, India. He is the director of Eastern Fare Music Foundation, a music organisation in Bangalore. He also founded a production house in Bangalore under the same banner. He has been a music trainer for over 15 years. Apart from participating in various cause related projects, he founded 'Count Your Blessings', a philanthropic initiative in 2009.