Jolie to Play the Iconic Gertrude Bell in Ridley Scott's Next

Angelina Jolie will soon be seen stepping into the shoes of iconic woman leader “Gertrude Bell” in her upcoming movie with the same name, to be produced by Ridley Scott’s production company.

Scott is also contemplating directing the biopic, after completion of his Alien’s prequel-of-sorts Prometheus, which hits theatres in June.

The project’s screenplay is being written by Jeffrey Caine, who wrote the script for 2005’s “The Constant Gardner.”

Gertrude Bell, a British woman, pioneered the mapping the Middle East in early 20th century, which became the framework for what would become Jordan and Iraq.

Bell won widespread admiration among Arabs for being instrumental in founding of Iraq during World War I and is often described as the female ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

The Tomb Raider was roped in by the makers of this film for her history of playing strong female characters. The Oscar winning actor has previously portrayed periodic characters in movies like Alexander and Changeling.

-by Parmita Borah