Eastern Fare Rocks the Trinity Guild Hall Exams

Published: Tuesday, Dec 15, 2011,
By Staff Reporter | Place: Guwahati | Agency: Times Of Assam

Assamese musician Jim Ankan Deka, Bangalore
Jim Ankan Deka with students
The students of Eastern Fare Music Foundation have demonstrated brilliant performance consecutively for the third time in the annual graded examinations for Western Classical music conducted by Trinity Colllege, London.

All the students at the institution that appeared for the examination conducted in Good Sheppard Institute in October, 2011, maintained an average of above 80 per cent. Among all, Anubhab Sett (99%), Vibhav S. Kalaparthy (94%) and Rishee Ramesh (94%) are the toppers. The students will receive certification from Trinity Guild Hall, London.

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is an establishment in Bangalore, India, founded by an Assamese musician Jim Ankan Deka. He is the first Assamese to open a music institution and a production house in Bangalore for music lovers and aspiring musicians to hone their talent. The ages of students in the institute vary from 5 to 70, seamed together with a common zeal and love for music.

Apart from focused training on Guitar, Keyboard and Piano, the institute also provides theoretical knowhow as per the curriculum set by Trinity Guild Hall, London.

As an extension, Eastern Fare will soon be launching a new branch in Guwahati for the benefit of the music lovers in the North Eastern region of India. The facility would encompass a state of the art recording studio, a jam room and an editing suite for students and young musicians to produce demos.

Jim Ankan Deka, Director of Eastern Fare, is currently collaborating with prolific Carnatic musician Suchethan Rangaswamy for an upcoming fusion project Timeless. The album is essentially a collection of instrumental tracks composed mostly with guitar and veena and will be available by January next year.