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Published: Tuesday, April 29, 2013,
By Dr M Surya Prasad | Place: Bangalore | Agency: The New Indian Express
The Carnatic music arena is acutely aware and happy that the number of musical prodigies is more whose
Madhu Kashyap and group | EPS
early precocity has ended in the creation of geniuses that could make up wholesome artistes. We have long been fascinated by musical prodigies gifted with a prodigious talent. It is always refreshing to listen to such exceptionally talented contemporaries who have struggled with family expectations and the machinations of the music business that burden budding soloists. Their inspiration and perspiration have been rewarding.

Chitra Veena maestro N.Ravikiran has been a star performer on his Chitra Veena or Gottu vadya. Good musical background, attractive stage presence and experience have made him a star-attraction.

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