Doodling with Green Day when September Ends | Priyanka's moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai
Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi
Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle is a song by the American band, Green Day.
While scourging for music and what would be appropriate for this time of the year (Autumn… there are quite a number of songs on autumn), it suddenly hit me that September is ending. And the first song that came to mind was ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. Kind of appropriate, right?

Though I really like the official video of this song, yet I stayed clear from the video-theme (American war scenario after the September 11 attacks) while making this artwork. Instead, I attempted at creating a collage of memories between a father and a son and how much the latter misses his dad. The song was originally written in memory of lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong’s father.

I wondered why in one phrase of the song, the lyrics said “Seven years have gone so fast” and in another phrase, it said “Twenty years has gone so fast”. Turns out, Billie Joe Armstrong’s band, Sweet Children (which later became Green Day) was formed seven years after his father died, and Billie wrote the song twenty years after his father died.

When you listen to the song with the original purpose in mind, it becomes all the more meaningful.

Hope you like this piece. Much love!


Priyanka Gogoi is an artist from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and co-owner at Kohua. She studied at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies after graduating from Cotton College, Guwahati. She married her 'love for art' and 'passion for music' and gave birth to Moodle. Moodle... get it? Music+Doodle. Oh hey! Priyanka also regularly shares about events, festivals and travelogues on her blogs and