Lennon's secret 'Chord' behind Hey Jude | Priyanka's Moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai
Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi
Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle - Hey Jude by The Beatles.
This is the song I would absent-mindedly sing… anytime, anywhere. Isn’t this the perfect sing-a-long song?!

This song by The Beatles was written by McCartney with Lennon sharing credits. There are so many theories chronicling the lyrics. But the most common theory is that McCartney wrote this to comfort Lennon’s son, Julian (so, Julian is the “Jude” Dude), during Lennon’s divorce.

It was released as a single in 1968 and was Beatles’ longest single running 7:11.

Listen to it carefully and around 2:55, you will hear Lennon saying “…chord!” while Paul’s singing. Lennon was actually saying “Got the wrong chord!” but the word CHORD is the most audible, and after 2-3 counts, you hear McCartney say “F***ing hell” !!

The doodle is just a fun, 'situational' doodle showing a girl letting her hair down and singing along while listening to the song on the car radio and meeting a person named “Jude” that same day. I don’t know any Judes in real life… or else, I would have always greeted them in the Beatles’ tune; that would have been fun!

Hope you like this. Until next time!


Priyanka Gogoi is an artist from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and co-owner at Kohua. She studied at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies after graduating from Cotton College, Guwahati. She married her 'love for art' and 'passion for music' and gave birth to Moodle. Moodle... get it? Music+Doodle. Oh hey! Priyanka also regularly shares about events, festivals and travelogues on her blogs www.tintedthoughts.me and www.skimble-scamble.blogspot.in.