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Renault Free The Music Award - honoring the best in music industry

Recently, Songdew in association with Renault presented the 'Free The Music Award 2015' to some of the bands and musicians from Karnataka in recognition of their outstanding contribution to indie music. The event was held at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore on April 23, 2015.

Bands and musicians which include Lagori, Solder, Aabha Hanjura-Sufistication, Aathma, Until We Last, Spaghettify, Space Behind The Yellow Room, Clown WiTh a Frown, Jim Ankan Deka, Brodha V, Gubbi, Agam, Onenightstand, Among The Signs, Thermal and a Quarter and Inner Sanctum, received the awards from renowned artist Baiju Dharmajan who was also the chief guest of the event. Prior to the award ceremony, performances by Big Deal, Soul Inclination, Mahesh Raghunandan and Baiju Dharmajan took the audience in Hard Rock Cafe by storm.

Here are few moments from the event. Courtesy - Songdew on Facebook.

Aabha Hanjura receiving the Free The Music Award
Space Behind The Yellow Room receiving the Free The Music Award
Until We Last receiving the Free The Music Award
Brodha V receiving the Free The Music Award
Gubbi receiving the Free The Music Award
Jim Ankan Deka receiving the Free The Music Award
Spaghettify receiving the Free The Music Award
Lagori receiving the Free The Music Award
Aathma receiving the Free The Music Award


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