Kalpana Patowary takes Bhojpuri folk music to the mass. “KHADI BIRHA” in Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4

Kalpana Patowary at Coke Studio, MTV

Kalpana Patowary, the Bhojpuri singer from Assam is back to the Coke Studio @ MTV with Khadi Birha, folk tunes of the Ahirs, Uttar Pradesh. Dhruv Ghanekar, the composer, producer and highly respected guitar player from Mumbai, has producing the song 'Birha' along with Kalpana. Previously Kalpana and Angaraag Papon Mahanta collaborated on Coke Studio season 3 and produced the song Baisara Beera, a track with elements of Rajasthani maand with Barpeta, Assam’s holi music.

Kalpana is currently reigning as the queen of the Bhojpuri music. She is one of the few stalwarts who have popularized Bhojpuri folk music combining with contemporary style. She got International acclaim with the release of her Bhojpuri musical documentation on Bhikhari Thakur, also known as Shakespeare of Bhojpuri literature. She has so far performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the music industry of India like Trilok Gurtu, Guru Reben Masangva, Louis Banks, Ranjit Barot and Pritam.

Dhruv is the co-founder of the path breaking Blue Frog - a State of the Art Live Performance Venue. Previously Kalpana collaborated with Dhruv for the song Baare Baare on his album Voyage, weaving a rich tapestry of Assamese folk and traditional grooves combining with tunes of Maghreb region of North Africa.

Khadi Birha on Coke Studio will have the folk tunes of the Ahirs merged with African music and was released on June 7, 2015. Watch it on YouTube.