5 Reasons to attend Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival

Experience the Captivating Music

This one of a kind music festival which gives an opportunity to all music fans to rave to their favourite beats from Indi Rock, Indi Pop to Classical and electronic music. There is something to sooth each and every soul attending the festival which has won hearts of many in the last 5 years. The startling music from run of bands like THE LOCAL TRAIN, MASSIVE VIBE LIVE, KANCHAN DANIEL & THE BEARDS, etc., will take you in a state of trance and will create a memorable experience for you.

Beauty of the hills of Himachal Pradesh

Kasauli Rythm and Blues is a festival that is hosted each year in the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh to mesmerise you during spring breeze. With the sudden rise in temperature across the country, Kasauli RNB gives you a perfect getaway option to retreat in the hills away from the demanding city life and to rejuvenate amidst hills and experience the beauty of nature.

Giving life a chance

Could there be a better way to support a cause other than you enjoying doing it. Kasauli RNB is a unique festival organized by Genesis Foundation. The fund raised from tickets will be used to fund the treatment of underprivileged, critically ill underprivileged children supported by Genesis Foundation. Grab the tickets its time you discover how it feels in aiding to save a life!

Travel in the Toy Train

How many times do you get a chance to travel in the historic toy train? It is the pride of the hills and is loved by everyone alike. Let the musical journey at the festival be accompanied with the journey to your childhood. The slow pace of these trains gives you enough time to relish the scenic beauty of the Himalayas. Dharampur is 12 kms from Kasauli and is the nearest railhead from where the toy train goes to Shimla and to Kalka as well. Recommend taking the train from Dharampur to Barog and back.

Ideal for all age groups

The festival is an ideal vacation spot for families, peer groups, and even solo travellers. It would be a remarkable experience that you can have with your family or friends over the upcoming long-weekend. The magical mix of artist performing at the festival allows people from across age groups to enjoy and immerse themselves in the music played by artists across genres. Away from the city life, treat yourself to a musical holiday in March, 2016.