Maati Baani launches The Music Yantra - a global collaboration series

Maati Baani is a World Music band that creates music without borders combining elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of Folk music and New-Age sounds. The band is founded by Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik.

The band launches The Music Yantra - a one-of-its-kind, global collaboration series created Online. The music album is a culmination of 50 Indian and International artists from 20 countries across the world coming together to create musical symphony. The Music Yantra features Six Songs, which are a potpourri of musical genres like Func, Jazz, Electro, Rock, Blues, and R&B, with Indian classical and folk music remaining the protagonist. Each song has a unique musical journey of sound & instrument that will interest the audience to enjoy a never heard or seen before compilation.

Maati Baani has worked from the grass-root level to create their dream to reality "The Music Yantra"- by exploring the best musician’s world-wide and to build trust and network on a digital platform. The idea of The Music Yantra arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to the wider audience.

Maati Baani is best known for their experimental sound, mixing various genres such as Folk, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock, Blues, etc. Maati Baani spreads the message of “One Love” through their music and frequently collaborates with talented musicians across the globe. Music has the power tonight all of mankind is their firm belief and they spend all their creativity in proving just that.

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Edited by - Debjani Hazarika