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Vh1 Jukebox Nights

Vh1 and Hoppipola bring to you Vh1 Jukebox Nights

Going to a bar and want your favorite song to be played? Vh1 and Hoppipola bring to you Vh1 Jukebox where Vh1 gives the visitors a chance to play their choice of music every Wednesdays at any outlet of Hoppipola. All you have to do is write the song you want to be played on a branded notepad and the waiter will take your request to the DJ. Swoon on to your favorite songs @Vh1 Jukebox nights only at a Hoppipola near you!

Event – Celebrate Vh1 Jukebox Nights at Hoppipola

Venue: Hoppipola, Mumbai
Day and Time: Every Wednesdays, 7.00Pm onwards

- Edited by Debjani Hazarika


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