Delhi 2 Dublin, the international electronic pop bhangra fusion band recently launched the official music video of ‘We're All Desi’ from their album of the same name, shot with the local cast and crew in Dharavi slum in Mumbai, the largest slum in Asia. The band had recently visited the Mumbai for a music tour and decided to change the way how people portray life in the slums by adding a realistic yet filmy touch to it.

The story of 5 Bantas (slang for ‘cool dude’) keeping it real in the slums of Dharavi is narrated by Delhi 2 Dublin as Jai, Veeru and the Gabbar gang straight out of the iconic film Sholay. The video features Siddhesh, Yogesh, Alex, David & Durgesh – kids that were playing & hanging around in the Dharavi area when the director and his crew went there for a location recce. This video is another glowing example of how much untapped talent resides in Dharavi.

Edited by - Debjani Hazarika