MTV tags the generation as multi-achiever in the ‘Many Me Project’ – the new youth study

"Youth is a life stage or a mindset" - the debate continues across boardrooms. But, what everyone agrees is that it is extremely difficult to earn their attention and love. Change is the new order. Born with a technology gene, youngsters today are comfortable with the concept of change. Every year MTV undertakes a massive immersive research to capture the trending themes of this generation and highlight the emergent trends. This year, MTV is launching its biggest youth study ever that covers 11000 youngsters across 50+ cities across India. Aptly titled ‘MTV Many Me Project’, this in-depth research explores the many facets of youth life - their attitudes, motivations, aspirations and anxieties that was presented with much fanfare at the MTV Youth Marketing Forum 2016–flagship insights event that studies and dissects the world of the

Explaining the theme of ‘The Many Me Project’ further, Ferzad Palia, Head – Youth and English Entertainment, Viacom18 said, “The Many Me Project is a look into the ever changing, ever dynamic youth of India. At MTV, the universe of the young, we are passionate about tracking this change.”

This year, the study also explores the role of content in life of youngsters and questions the existing paradigm that content is just a social currency. MTV also investigates on the emergent social etiquette on the social media platforms, and the plurality of the online and offline lives of the youngsters. This research explores the manifestation of new-age gender definitions and therefore, its impact on the relationships between friends, families and significant others.

Simple is boring and today’s young is anything but that. They’re unique and authentic. They’re mindful and ambitious. They’re raring to go, but they aren’t impatient. They know good things come to those who wait. They plan and act accordingly. They’re dynamic, but not impulsive. They’re self- reflective, but not existential. They’re optimistic, but not impractical. They’re multifaceted, but not schizophrenic. They are seamless across online and offline. The Many Me headline truly captures the multi-dimensionality of today’s generation. With the World Wide Web and mobile devices, comes immense opportunity and exposure, and this helps them be whatever they want to be. They are able to hand-pick and curate the best version of themselves. In fact, at any point of time, they carry several best versions of themselves. This does not make them confused or chaotic; rather it makes them merely smart thinkers, who are driven, creative and resourceful. They cannot be contained in one dimension, leading the marketers to rethink their demography based target definitions. They live their life in plural. They are seamless. They are their beta versions. They are a sum of their ‘Many Me.’

MTV, world’s premier youth brand, is a dynamic and a vibrant blend of music and pop culture. With a global reach of more than half-billion households, MTV is a cultural home to the millennial generation, music fans and artists.

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Edited by- Debjani Hazarika