Steven Wilson, Nucleya, Farhan Live, Papon to headline NH7 Weekender Shillong in October 2016

Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Shillong

What? Bacardi NH7 Weekender Shillong
When? October 21-22, 2016
Where? RBDSA Sports Complex, Madan Kurkalang in Bhoirymbong in Shillong
Entry? Rs 750 (under 21) | Rs 2000 (above 21) | Single Day Pass - Rs 1250 | Book Here

shuttles will be available from Polo Towers, Police Bazaar and Fire Brigade (Assam Oil Petrol Pump)! Two-way shuttles are available at Rs.400 per day in Shillong. Click Here to book

Bacardi NH7 Weekender, the happiest music festival is back for its seventh year, and second year in Meghalaya! Catch the happiest music festival in the abode of clouds in Shillong on Oct 21-22, 2016, in historic Hyderabad on Nov 5-6 where the festival takes place for the first time ever, and in Pune on Dec 2-4 where it all started. The weekender will feature new artists, iconic favourites, specials and finds at the food and flea bazaar, art and installations.

Lineup in Shillong -

  • Steven Wilson
      One of the most eclectic and prolific artists of rock music, Steven Wilson his the man behind prog-rock band Porcupine Tree. Porcupine Tree explored psychedelia, progressive music, and his love of ambitious seventies music. When in 2010, Porcupine Tree went on a hiatus, Steven continued to compose solo works and has since then churned out five albums.
    • Vertical Horizon
        American alternative rock band Vertical Horizon was founded in the early 1990s, and has released three albums and toured extensively before signing with RCA Records in 1998. Their music captures recurring themes throughout the record, such as an emotional and physical distance, as well as the often-hidden layers of emotion that exist within relationships.
      • Nucleya
          One of the early proponents of the now-popular genre of Dubstep in India, Nucleya has built on that start to emerge as one of the most exciting, experimental and engaging producers in the Indian scene in the past five years. He has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, focussing on sounds and textures that are Indian in nature but international in appeal.
        • Papon
            Papon, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and singer has become one of the most recognizable and sought after voices in India. His innovative experiments are rich with ambient electronica, acoustic folk, electro-ghazals to classical sounds.
          • Farhan Live
              Enviably multi-talented filmmaker, director, actor, and singer-songwriter, Farhan Akhtar entered the live music space with Farhan Live after his movie Rock On, in which he sang all the songs. Akhtar mostly croons his movie’s tracks at his live shows, but has recently started composing his own songs as well.
            • Soulmate: History of the Blues
                Inspired by the roots and sounds of the blues, blues-rock, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, funk and R&B, Soulmate is one of the most prolific blues bands in the country, Soulmate will be performing a set that will narrate the evolution of the blues as a genre.
              • Dualist Inquiry
                  Dualist Inquiry is the brainchild and solo project of Sahej Bakshi, a music producer and guitarist. Sahej started playing his unique brand of electro-rock in 2010, and since then has grown to be considered one of the leading producers and live performers of electronic music in India.
                • Mr. Woodnote & Lil Rhys
                    Armed with saxophones and funky tunes, Mr.Woodnote is one of the most notorious buskers Bristol has ever produced. Originating from Australia, Mr. Woodnote creates his bouncy beats, funky horn lines and fat bass lines all live on the spot with the aid of a loopstation and of course his artistry with a saxophone and as a human beat boxer.
                  • Fossils
                      One of the most pioneering rock bands of Kolkata, Fossils has been around since 1998 – almost 18 years. While a few of the band members have changed over the course of this long time, the core ethos of the band has been rock steady (pun notwithstanding). Bangla rock superstars, Fossils has fans spanning across generations, and their fan base continues to increase with each fiery live show.
                    • Vir Das' Alien Chutney
                        Vir Das’ Alien Chutney is, quite evidently, the brainchild of comedian Vir Das. Known as India’s premiere comedy-rock band, they make original music with insane lyrics. It is completely arbid and yet entirely relatable; unexpected and yet familiar.
                      • Dhruv Voyage
                          Guitarist and composer Dhruv Ghanekar’s new project Dhruv Voyage sees him join forces with some of the most exciting session’s musicians in the country. The project blends sonic influences from various dance forms across the world… from North African rhythms to West African blues, Indian Folk to Jazz and Rock to name a few.
                        • Wild Palms
                            Wild Palms has inventive, imaginative songs anchored by comparatively straightforward vocal melodies from Lou, and plugs into the frontman's return home to Enfield from east London, and to the themes of family, community and hope which are wrapped up in the dead-end push and pull of the suburbs.
                          • Natty
                              Natty’s talents are as varied as his influences - as a multi-instrumentalist, a producer, a singer-songwriter - he has all the tools at hand to bring his musical imagination to life. Earlier this February, Natty released his highly anticipated second album ‘Release The Fear’, a future-roots, concept album that takes us on a journey through love, redemption, self-identity and unity.
                            • Aberrant
                                This Shillong-based quintet has mastered the art of creating progressive rhythms coupled with groovy chords that are seldom favoured by a metal band, making their sound truly experimental. They pack a punch live, and are one of the few bands that a non-metal fan might enjoy as well.
                              • Alobo Naga & Band
                                  Alobo Naga & The Band won the Best India Act at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2012, and their single ‘All We Have Is Now’ has recently been released. Nagaland’s favourite boys, Alobo Naga & The Band’s live shows are also indefatigable – clearly one of the top musical acts to have come out from the North East in the last five years
                                • Aswekeepsearching
                                    A post-rock band is rare to find in India. A Hindi post-rock band – rarer. aswekeepsearching tick both the boxes. The Ahmedabad-based four-piece band released itsdebut album last year to highly favourable reviews, and since then have toured extensively across India and Russia.
                                  • Bipul Chettri
                                      Rising folk-rock star Bipul Chettri has been hailed as the breakthrough artiste who has shaken the stagnating Nepali music scene since 2014 with his soul-stirring, introspective compositions. His popularity straddles not only across India, but also the U.K., U.S.A, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UAE, and Brunei
                                    • Blue Temptation
                                        A combination of blues and funk, blue temptation is from Shillong and have been playing together from 2010. Comprising established session musicians, Blue Temptation is Shepherd Najiar, Greg Nongrum and Nathan Nongrum’s passion project
                                      • Dhruv Visvanath
                                          Dhruv Visvanath can be categorized as one of the overachieving Homo sapiens by us mere mediocre mortals. The solo percussive acoustic guitarist from New Delhi is known for being a one man band, playing the acoustic guitar like a drum, whilst singing simultaneously. A completely self-taught guitarist, he is undoubtedly one of the best that we have.
                                        • Dossers Urge
                                            Earlier this year, Dosser’s Urge took everyone by surprise by their absolutely electric performance at Road to Converse Rubber Tracks finale. The band quite predictably won the contest and will soon be on their way to the U.S. to record in Brooklyn. Comprising three brothers, Dosser’s Urge is a mix of pop, blues, psychedelic and even punk.
                                          • Imphal Talkies
                                              One of the most accomplished bands from the North East region, Imphal Talkies is a six-member folk rock band from Manipur, formed in 2008 by Akhu Chingangbam. The band is known for its political songs and representing minority communities in India through their music.
                                            • Kumail
                                                Kumail Hamid is a 22-year-old music producer who boldly pushes the level of experimentation of the current “scene” beyond its club friendly confines, exploring the more ethereal regions of sound. Heavily manipulated live recordings coupled with atmospheric synths and meticulously arranged rhythm sections form the fundamental characteristics of his tracks.
                                              • Madboy/Mink
                                                  Based out of Mumbai, Madboy/Mink have in a short time gained notoriety for their electric live sets. Mashing up dirty disco, funk and old-school swing, the duo use a combination of live synths, guitars, samples and a Harlem speakeasy vocal style creating a bouncy cabaret experience.
                                                • Nanok
                                                    Jai Vaswani, otherwise known as Nanok, is a versatile producer/DJ from Mumbai. Over the years, Vasvani has played music to all kinds of audiences, seamlessly shuffling between genres in the same set that has helped him showcase his versatility on the decks.
                                                  • Prateek Kuhad
                                                      Prateek Kuhad, with his unique blend of minimal, folk arrangements and pop-rock melodies, effortlessly captures life’s complexities in his songs. His music is deceivingly simple and the lyrics as well mirror the simplicity of his compositions.
                                                    • Rhythm Shaw
                                                        Rhythm Shaw is a young and talented western classical guitarist from India. Based out of Kolkata, Rhythm Shaw plays an amalgamation of rock, fusion, jazz, blues, and carnatic. He has also played alongside some of the best musicians in the country such as Louiz Banks and A. R. Rahman.
                                                      • River
                                                          River is a trio founded by Abhilasha Sinha, Kamakshi Khanna and Tarana Marwah in 2014. They came together for their love of harmonies, songwriting and creating a distinctive sound that has depth, flows naturally, lingers and wanders through people’s minds.
                                                        • Sapta
                                                            Conceived by Marti Bharath in 2007, Sapta is a groundbreaking independent electronic music act that seamlessly blends influences from India and the West to produce an energetic and compelling live act. Already seven albums old, Sapta’s unique live setup features Tapass Naresh on drums and Marti on everything else.
                                                          • Sickflip
                                                              SickFlip is an electronic solo project brought to life by Sarvesh Shrivastava - a music composer, producer and performer from Mumbai. Musically, SickFlip has an indefinable mix of calm / serene / melodic vibes and atmospheres to contrasting bass-heavy / chest rattling festival smashers.
                                                            • Su Real
                                                                Su Real, the DJ / producer synonymous with Trap, Hip Hop and urban dance music in India. Su Real represents this new breed of Indian music producers who create and curate for the modern Indian dance floor. Never slave to any genre, his DJ sets surprise with seamless slides from modern hits to yesterday’s classics.
                                                              • Tejas
                                                                  Tejas is a singer-songwriter from India, currently residing in Mumbai. A range of influences including 80’s pop-rock, musical-theatre and adult-contemporary songwriters, have developed into Tejas’ unique style of lyric-heavy pop-rock.
                                                                • The Ritornellos
                                                                    The Ritornellos features vocalist Ananda Sen, along with Vivek Nair, Avinash Chordia of The Supersonics on drums, Nicholas Rixon and Subhodip Banerjee of Ifs and Buts on backing vocals and guitar respectively, and Roheet Mukherjee of Ganesh Talkies on bass duties.
                                                                  • Underground Authority
                                                                      Underground Authority is one of the fewest rap-rock outfits in India. From gigging in clubs to being the finalists of India’s Got Talent Season 2, Underground Authority has had the taste of indie as well as the mainstream sides of the music industry. However, the band’s focus has always been about making music around subjects that they feel passionate about.

                                                                    • Undying Inc
                                                                        Undying Inc are a lethal blend of speed, technique, groove and no-holds-barred aggression. Dictated by relentless riffing intensity, sharp twists, massive breakdowns, rapid time signature changes and fluid gear shifting between poly-rhythms, Undying Inc's music is a lesson in crushing modern metal combat - one of the most ferocious bands in the country.