Maati Baani recreates MJ’s ‘Heal the World’ with child artists from around the globe

MaatiBaani presents 'Heal The World'
India’s very own Indie Music band, Maati Baani teams up with fourty young artists from around the world to recreate Pop music legend Michael Jacson's ‘Heal the World’.
Heal The World by Maati Baani was released on the legend’s 58th birthday on August 29, 2016. To erase boundaries and artistic inhibitions, to spread the message of love and peace, to create awareness on the sufferings of the war victims, Maati Baani had recomposed this song by collaborating with children in the age group of 5-12 years traversing the globe, to feature 20 acts and more than 40 child artistes in the song.

The child artists who took part in the song and the video are - Angelica Hale (USA) - VOCALS, Capri Aliyah Everitt (Canada) - VOCALS, Jordan Bijan (Canada) - VOCALS, Sparsh Shah "Purhythm" (USA) - VOCALS, Andranik Khachikyan (USA) - VOCALS, Raina Dowler (USA) - VOCALS, Brandon Niederauer (USA) - GUITAR, C (Canada) - GUITAR, Mic (Canada) - BASS, Alisa Sadikova (Russia) - HARP, Lydian Nadhaswaram (India) - PIANO, Jonathan Carollo (USA) - WASHING MACHINE, Kanade Sato (Japan) - DRUMS, Freddie and Teddie Tisdale (USA) - TAP DANCERS, Shayaan Udeshi (India) - TABLA, Stef (Canada) - KEYS and Leah Flynn (USA) - VIOLIN.

Maati Baani had creatively used technology to recompose this song without actually meeting these children in person. By means of technology and the love for music, the band had taken the wonderful initiative of bringing music buffers on a single, virtual platform and created awareness for the war sufferers. The new adaptation of ‘Heal the World’ is a dedication to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and inventiveness by Maati Baani to pause the acts of terror campaigns.

‘Heal the world’ is a song dedicated to children living in countries facing wars from terrorism. The lyrics in every possible way reflect the grievances that children suffer due to such conflicts and the way it hampers their growth and well being. The song is unique fuse of musical tunes and features the passion of young buds for the common aim of bringing harmony to the world. Composed in a span of over six months with child prodigies all over the world completely through the internet, Maati Baani has inventively portrayed the simplicity and innocence of children which will no doubt be soul stirring.

Maati Baani's Nirali Kartik, and Kartik Shah comment, “We are excited and hopeful that this initiative influences people to join hands against terrorism and make this world a better place for children.”

Edited by- Debjani Hazarika