India’s first Virtual Reality Music Video by Avanti Nagral

India’s first Virtual Reality Music Video by Avanti Nagral
India’s first ever Virtual Reality video shot in 360 degrees by Avanti Nagral for her debut single ‘I Like’.
Avanti Nagral, a multi-talented young artist from Bombay and Boston was introduced and launched by Flying Carpet Productions on 29th June, 2017 at Shiro in Mumbai. Her debut English single, ‘I Like’, which she wrote and composed was presented to the who’s who of the music industry and society along with India’s first 360 degree VR (Virtual Reality) music video.

The song ‘I Like’ is a rendition of Avanti’s hybrid personal and musical identity. It has an addictive chorus that depicts girl power. The song is about following your dreams, your passions, and being independent in your thoughts, irrespective of public opinion. It portrays the individuality that is essential to empower women. The song was actually born out of stories and struggles of women empowerment. The song has been produced and released by Ashish Manchanda’s Flying Carpet Productions.

Avanti has a soulful and mature voice that is full of emotion. As a songwriter she has an independent outlook and a voice, a message that connects with the youth. Through her songs she wishes to portray the diversity and power of modern Indian women and girls. She has been performing at music festivals internationally as a young pop artist from India.

The video is India’s 1st Virtual Reality Music Video, it is a new brand of i-pop music (Indian pop, immersive pop). The technology in the video gives an immersive experience that builds a connection with the audience. The video depicts how VR technology can be used in diverse ways, a perfect visual interpretation rendered by an internationally renowned filmmaker from New York ‘Blake Farber’ and light and design by John Engstrom.

Delighted on the launch, a jubilant Avanti Nagral said, “I feel incredibly blessed to have amazing parents and a wonderful team who have given me the opportunity to bloom, and have supported all of my endeavors. As an artist, I feel that there is a huge potential for young pop music in India. I hope to explore that segment and create recognition for Indian pop artists internationally. We have immense talent and passion, and I hope to, in my work, embody the voice of today’s generation, and the message of the future. I will relentlessly work for socially relevant and sensitive national and global issues through my music, performances, and otherwise.”

Ashish Manchanda says, “This is the beginning of a new chapter in the music scene in India. Avanti is a role model for young people with a clear message that they can pursue their dreams and make a great success of themselves at a young age. Flying Carpet Productions supports these dreams and make them happen for real. Wishing Avanti the greatest success in all her future endeavors.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Blake Farber – New York City based music video director stated, “I couldn’t have done this video without the Avanti's massive help in producing it. The way she organized everything - from casting to location to logistics, and helped so much with all the little stuff, was flawless. In India, people are so technologically advanced, so it’s time for VR technology to take forth - with the minds and the genius of Indians, who knows WHAT they can create with this! Cutting-edge technology; never been done before in South Asia; one of the few such Music Videos globally. The video was shot on the Nokia OZO”.

Avanti Nagral is a multi-talented young artist from the heart of Bombay and the soul of Boston, whose music mirrors her passion. Avanti’s music encompasses various genres – Indian Classical, Broadway, Church/Gospel and Devotional – into a modern Pop-Soul sound. She has sung in several productions of Broadway Shows, Concerts and Events. Her diverse music repertoire extends across both Western and Indian music.

Avanti was recently nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the META National Theatre Awards, for her lead role of Agnes in the reproduction of the 1982 Broadway Play ‘Agnes of God’ in India. She sang at the Gateway of India for the 26/11 National Tribute event. Avanti was the featured singer at events like the Mumbai Marathon (Asia’s largest international marathon) Charity Awards event, the Terry Fox (a Global Cancer Research Foundation) Asia Event and the World Diplomats’ Christmas Concert in India She performed a cross-generational concert in Delhi celebrating women, sharing stage with iconic Indian artist Usha Uthup.

Avanti has also performed large music festivals like Totem Pole (India’s first Teenage Music Festival, featuring international artists), and opened and performed at the Worli Music Festival.

Avanti is also passionate about Global Health Issues. Over the past six years, she has done work in the fields of Music Therapy, Anemia, Organ Donation, Cardiac Disease and CPR/Emergency Care. In 2013, she founded YCPR, a Youth Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation campaign which empowers the youth to help save lives within their communities. Avanti curates and organizes a unique interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Global Health Issues called 'Health and Society’ (

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Flying Carpet Productions (FCP) was set up under the aegis of Ashish Manchanda, protégé of multi winning Grammy producer / engineer of Michael Jackson’s records. FCP is supported and grown by his wife, Ujjla, to set up stronger entities and shows over the years. FCP engages in world class productions and has been behind the TV shows like Coke Studio, MTv Unplugged and India’s Raw Star. It has also supported several large format events in India like Jaipur Literary Festival, NH7 and Beauty & The Beast amongst several others. It offers services across music and video production, artiste management, shows and events and launched its 1st ever teen music festival, Totem Pole in 2016. FCP is a division of Boon Castle Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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Edited by - Debjani Hazarika