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Raja RME’s latest single ft. Bobkat from his debut album ‘Reboot’

Raja RME’s latest single ft. Bobkat from his debut album ‘Reboot’

Raja RME drops his 3rd single ft The Real Bobkat from Bombay Bassment 'Lose it' Out Now across all platforms

After two power-packed singles ‘Down It’ and ‘Dreams to Reality’, rapper and entrepreneur Raja Mukherjee aka Raja RME have just dropped the third and final single from his debut album ‘Reboot’. Titled ‘Lose It’, the track features the legendary frontman of Bombay Bassment, BobKat. The remaining of RME's debut album ‘Reboot’ is scheduled to drop in the last week of May 2019.

‘Lose It’ celebrates hip-hop and the rock-solid community supporting the hip-hop culture. It’s the perfect summer anthem, reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop. The track consists of trumpets and hard hitting 808 drums with two of Mumbai’s veteran rappers Raja and Bobkat, talking about their love for music and what keeps them going time and again. Hailing from India’s hip-hop capital, Mumbai, the music video features cameos of a lot of familiar faces from India’s hip-hop community like Veteran DJ and Producer Major C, Rap crew 7Bantaiz, Rapper Nasty Ninja, MC Cloud, Frolic Smaash Dance Crew and many more shot in a small Christian village in Kurla.

Produced by InStine from the hip-hop crew ‘Mumbai's Finest’, the track is available on all major online stores and is streaming on Spotify, Saavn, Amazon, Google Play, Itunes, Tidal, Hungama.

About Raja RME

Raja Mukherjee aka Raja RME is a rapper and an entertainment entrepreneur is one of the founding members of Divine’s Gully Gang. He’s been part of the hip-hop movement in the country since the age of 16, winning numerous competitions & cyphers. He is also a jingle recording artist, who has recorded jingles for Volkswagen India and Google Marketing. He also hosts a chat show on his Youtube channel called “Kickin’ it” where he sits down with amazing musicians and achievers from India.

In recent years, Raja has set up an artist management company called Team Inc., which grooms upcoming talent and musicians.

For his debut album, Reboot, Mukherjee has called on producers such as Instine, Crazy Vibe and Diefferent. The single ‘Down It, marked Raja’s comeback into the hip-hop world, after almost 5 years.

Edited by- Debjani Hazarika


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