Music Malt Vault: Anuron by Jim Ankan Deka, Rupam Bhuyan and Eastern Fare | ChaiTunes #Watch

Anuron is the 4th of ChaiTunes series of music videos and first of ChaiTunes Series' unplugged numbers. The song is recorded & shot live at the Music Malt Studios in Guwahati. The song is written and composed by Jim Ankan Deka and features Rupam Bhuyan, Veda V Sarma, Prabal Gogoi, Gaurav Choudhury & Jenie.

Music & lyrics: Jim Ankan Deka
Vocals: Rupam Bhuyan
Back vocals: Gaurav, Jim & Jenie
Cajon: Prabal Gogoi
Harmonica: Veda V Sarma
Rhythm guitar: Gaurav Choudhury
Lead guitar: Jim
Percussion: Debjani Hazarika (Jenie)

Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation and powered by Music Malt, Bangalore, the song is recorded at Eastern Fare Studios in Guwahati, and mixed and mastered at Eastern Fare Studios, Umium. Video is edited at Purple Trope, Guwahati.