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Char Seawell | ChaiTunes
An award winning singer-songwriter from Bothell, Washington (USA), Char Seawell has been in the music scenario since she was a teen. She plays five instruments and has been a part of the American country-folk band Windfall along with her musician husband Tim Seawell. The dua has produced 4 albums and more than 40 singles so far. The music of the folk musician duo reflects the everyday struggles and joys of ordinary people trying to make it through life with some small amount of courage and grace. Char is also a published writer. She has co-authored a historical full length musical along with a novel and numerous essays. She continues her songwriting career as well as volunteering as a worship leader. Char joined the ChaiTunes team in 2019 for a collaborative musical docudrama called Assam Skies.

Char's ChaiTunes Videos

Assam Skies is the 5th music video from the ChaiTunes Project. It is an English number composed by Jim Ankan Deka and Char Seawell, and written by Karen Weed. The song is sung by Char and Katherine Khiangte. The video is directed by Tarunabh Dutta and produced by Karen, Debjani Hazarika and Jim.