Karen Weed | London, UK | ChaiTunes Artist

Karen Weed | ChaiTunes
Karen Weed is a London based poet/lyricist and had worked with young people with special needs. Although she feels she's not an expert, Karen loves to play the guitar whenever she gets time. She's fond of writing poems/songs and creative stories. In 2019, Karen wrote a poem called 'Assam Skies' based on the life of a British tea planter who was Karen's great grandfather working at a tea-estate in Assam, India, and his relationship with Rampiyari, a tribal girl from tea garden of Assam. The poem achieved Semi Finals placing at the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest in 2017. In 2019, the poem was adopted to a musical docudrama under ChaiTunes Project. It is the 5th Music Video from ChaiTunes under Music Malt.

Karen's ChaiTunes Videos

Assam Skies is the 5th music video from the ChaiTunes Project. It is an English number composed by Jim Ankan Deka and Char Seawell, and written by Karen Weed. The song is sung by Char and Katherine Khiangte. The video is directed by Tarunabh Dutta and produced by Karen, Debjani Hazarika and Jim.