Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya' - a Unique Initiative of Tunetellers from Guwahati, Assam

Tunetellers - Rupam Bhuyan, Jim Ankan Deka, Sasanka Samir

The Tunetellers trio is set to embark on a unique initiative that will offer a delightful experience of poetry and music to audiences. The group, consisting of singer and composer Rupam Bhuyan, poet and actor Sasanka Samir, and music producer Jim Ankan Deka, is launching "Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya," a two-hour-long immersive experience that combines poetry and music. 

According to Tunetellers, the initiative is one of the first of its kind, and the trio is excited to host the inaugural session soon. The goal of "Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya" is to create an evening of music and poetry for those who appreciate good art. Tunetellers believe that to live a good life, we must create our own good times, and this initiative is a step towards achieving that goal. 

The event will feature not only the trio but also various musicians, lyricists, poets, and people in the field of art. Tunetellers are committed to creating the best possible musical evening for all attendees. 

They plan to take this initiative to different places and provide an evening of music and poetry to as many people as possible. 

If you are interested in attending "Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya" or want to learn more about this initiative, you can contact 97070 14712 for more information. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience an evening of music and poetry like no other!