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Published: Monday, Apr 17, 2011, By Kevin Lobo | Place: Bangalore | Agency: Bangalore Mirror (Times of India) Studies prove that learning music goes beyond having a fun hobby. Our experts tell you why your child should pick up an instrument this summer. One of the best things about being a kid is the long summer break. While vacations must be used to travel and catch up with friends, it is also an opportunity for learning something new. Learning a musical instrument need not necessarily culminate with rock-god status. Studies show that playing an instrument can help your child in various facets of his/her life. Everybody is born creative, but many people don’t realise it because it’s not encouraged in their early years. We take notes from our very own Grammy-winning keyboardist Louis Banks and child psychologist Salma Prabhu on why an instrument should be learnt this holiday. INCREASES IQ A paper published in scientific journal Nature concluded that studying a musical instrument