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Comic On! Bangalore Comic Con 2014

— by Parmita Borah | Bangalore | For Bangalore Comic Con 2014 photos Click Here
Bangalore Comic Con 2014 (photo: Jim Ankan Deka)

How often would you see Robocop looking lost, Joker and Batman posing for photographers, and Maleficent taking selfies – and all that under one roof? In its second edition, Bangalore Comic Con truly was a collage of creative costumes, merchandises, and countless memories from our childhood.

We, the Music Malt team, walked in wearing those fancy comic con tags and badges provided only to media. That would be Jim and me… or Jim and I. Our third team member Mickey had a business meeting, and therefore promised to arrive later. Jim had passed on the driving instructions and asked to him to follow GPS directions. The venue White Orchid auditorium is at the other end of the city and is close to a popular landmark ‘Manyata Pech park’.

Any way, we walked in with fancy tags around our neck, and cameras hanging from our shoulders hoping to quickly walk through, take as many images and interviews as possible and get home. As we moved further and further into the venue, we realized that we had walked into madness – pure, amazing, exhilarating madness. People, young and old alike were walking around dressed in crazy comic costumes. Superheroes, super villains, anime, manga, Amar Chitra Katha, sci fi, movie characters and many more that neither Jim nor I could recognize. The only logical thing we could think of was to immediately purchase some masks and wigs to fit in. Honestly looking normal seemed a bit abnormal… well a bit off putting maybe.

Shijo Varghese and Parmita (photo: Jim Ankan Deka)
Up ahead we found stalls with caricature paintings and drawings. We saw our friend Shijo Varghese of Shijokes in his caricature shop. Took few snaps with him before moving on towards the other stalls around.

Bangalore Comic Con 2014 had a great assortment of stalls ranging from comic books, T shirts, collectibles, live caricature artists, custom coffee mugs glasses and other consumables. It took over two hours to complete viewing all the stalls. And the food stalls – I am not certain if I was high from the comic lovers’ energy or my hunger but rolls and cupcakes they served were heavenly.

Meanwhile, our team member Mickey hadn’t reached, although he messaged us informing that he was somewhere in that area.

We moved on to the main stage. The Cosplay (Costume competition) was about to begin. Jim and I found ourselves two secure seats, and began clicking pictures of the contestants. After the eight cosplayer got off the stage, my phone rang. It was Mickey. I knew if I picked it up, I’d have to help him find his way in. So I passed on the phone to Jim. Jim murmured something into the phone and handed it back to me. Mickey was still on the line. I didn’t want to talk. I wanted to see Wonder Woman whiplash the compere with her lasso of truth. But duty calls, I had to answer the call. On the other end, I could hear Mickey screaming. Apparently he had been making circles around area but still couldn't find the venue for Comic Con. Had he traveled with a female companion, he’d have completed the saat pheras with her.

A stall at Bangalore Comic Con (photo: Jim Ankan Deka)
“Where exactly are you?” I asked.

“Opposite Manyata Tech Park”, he screamed.

“Opposite? It’s adjacent to Manyata Tech Park, not opposite. Who told you it’s opposite?”

At that point, Mickey and I simultaneously realized who the culprit was. I hung up the phone and looked angrily towards Jim. He seemed oblivious, lost in the Amazonian princess’ beauty.

Well that was my comic con story. Let’s see what some of the other people had to say

Neel Saud, Mumbai based editor traveled all the way from his city just to attend Bangalore Comic Con 2014. He says – "Actually I scheduled my calendar so I could be in Bangalore during Comic Con. It was a first for me. You don’t usually see Darth Vader stand in line for a Coke, or Son snow... except when you are in Comic Con! The crowd, awesome merchandise stalls, pop art pieces and the Cosplayers, all come together to make it a heaven for Comic lovers. I heard the next edition would be in Mumbai. Game on..."

Bangalore Comic Con 2014 (photo: Jim Ankan Deka)
Bangalore based Business Analyst and a core member of the Bangalore Comic Con 2014, Anshul Chaurasia, says – "My favourite part has always been the Cosplay competition. The Bangalore crowd has always upped the level of Cosplay in the country every year and we saw that this year as well. It’s a very satisfying experience to be part of making such a grand event happen specially because there are so many fans and at the end of it you make more comic enthusiasts out of the casual visitors. Spreading the pop culture and comics’ awareness is the sole aim here. The response this year was beyond our expectations, even with a bigger venue compared to last year and this time it was a ticketed event, so many more people came to attend it was simply amazing. I remember seeing people waiting in line at 10am on Sunday morning even though the entry was only getting started at 11am."

Prady Das, Grand Prize winner in the Grand Finale of Bangalore Comic Con 2014 says – "Cosplaying as RoboCop in Bangalore Comic Con 2014 has been really an out-of-the-world experience for me. I felt like a complete celebrity during those 3 days. I believe more than 1500 people came and took pics with me during those 3 days.

Robocop at Bangalore Comic Con (photo: Jim Ankan)
Prady added, "I still can't forget the twinkle in their eyes, when they saw my RoboCop costume. It made me feel elated. I had burnt my fingers, cut and bruised myself during the costume preparation but after 2 months, it was all worth it in the end when I won the Grand Prize in the Grand Finale of Bangalore Comic Con 2014 i.e. an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and an XBOX ONE (not launched in India yet). I also got the best costume in Sci Fi category on Day 1 and best costume in Gaming Category on Day 3. I consider this as one of my biggest achievements. I can't wait for the trip and can't wait to lay my hands on the XBOX ONE. Comic Con is the best thing to happen in India and I heartily thank the founder of Comic Con-Jatin Verma from the bottom of my heart."

Ankita Kemkar, who partook in the Cosplay dressed as Venom, says – "From a cosplayer's point of view, it has been a totally different experience.Thrilling, since it had always been a dream to cosplay and it feels amazing to have socialised with new folks who shared the same amount of enthusiasm. Truly the 3 most awesome days of the year! Can't wait for next Bangalore Comic Con!"

Comic Con Bangalore 2014 witnessed workshops and live chats with creators, artists and writers of popular comics and graphic novels including Dan Parent, an American comic book artist and writer best known for his work for Archies Comics; Rob-Denbleykar, Co-Creater of Cyanide and Happiness; Peter Kruper, an American cartoonist and illustrator; David Lloyd, a British comics artist best known as the illustrator of the story V for Vendetta and Neil Gaiman, an English author of short fiction, novel and comic books.

Another highlight of the event was Star Wars Experiential Zone. It was the first of its kind experience zone created to enthrall the fan boys. The Star Wars zone was designed to resemble the bridge of a star destroyer with snazzy and futuristic display, equipped with Star Wars weapons, character figurines and inspired art. Also, Microsoft conducted its first audience experience of the XBOX ONE before its official launch.

Click Here to check out all the photos from Bangalore Comic Con 2014!!


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