When life gives you lemons, sing Lemon Tree | Priyanka's Moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai
Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi
Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle - “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden.
This song has been a constant in every karaoke event I’ve ever attended!

It’s the song that you sing when you have no other songs coming to you. The lyrics being easy and repetitive, it doesn’t require much thought to sing it.

“Lemon Tree” is definitely the most popular song by Fool’s Garden. It’s from their album “Dish of the Day” and was released in 1995. The song reached number one in several music charts and has been translated into more than FORTY languages!

A lot have been discussed on the meaning of the lyrics; why the singer keeps seeing the Lemon Tree? (“And all that I can see is just the Yellow, Lemon Tree”); are there hidden connotation behind the use of “Lemon” tree?

The discussions are many; but I still don’t know why they wrote what they wrote. To me, it’s a straight-forward song. It’s just a really happy, upbeat tune disguising the melancholy nature of the lyrics.

Peter Freudenthaler of the band mentioned, ““The song came to me as I waited for my girlfriend and I immediately realized that the song is something special. One day of production – the rest is history that continues until today.” Source: http://wp.foolsgarden.de/en/band-2/

That’s the best piece of information I could gather on the song. Maybe, it really is a simple, straight-forward song with no hidden intention. But it’s definitely a song that is already a classic.

Best time to sing it? Anytime, but always sounds better on a “rainy, Sunday afternoon”. ;)

Much love!


Priyanka Gogoi is an artist from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and co-owner at Kohua. She studied at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies after graduating from Cotton College, Guwahati. She married her 'love for art' and 'passion for music' and gave birth to Moodle. Moodle... get it? Music+Doodle. Oh hey! Priyanka also regularly shares about events, festivals and travelogues on her blogs www.tintedthoughts.me and www.skimble-scamble.blogspot.in.