ChaiTunes to release the first music video - a tribute to Assamese writer duo

Xaare Aasu - Jim Ankan Deka ft Queen Hazarika

Composed by Bangalore based Assamese musician Jim Ankan Deka, 'Xaare Aasu' is an Assamese song based on poems by late Bhabananda Deka and late Nalini Prava Deka. The love themed song will be sung by renowned singer from Assam, Queen Hazarika. The music video is directed by Parmita Borah, a Bangalore based flash fiction writer.

The song will be released as a tribute to the Assamese couple Bhabananda Deka and Nalini Prava Deka. The lyrics of Xaare Aasu is taken from two separate poems written by the couple and edited by Jim.

Queen Hazarika, known for her timeless earthy voice, had worked with Jim previously on a song - Aawaz - based on the infamous 'Delhi gang rape' incident. The song created quite a buzz and was able to pick multiple national and international awards at different music and film festivals. Singing for more than three decades, Queen's soulful and beautiful voice has been adored by many.

This will be Jim's third Assamese song and music video. His previously released Assamese songs are Xobdor Porisoy and Nixobdo Nilim. This collaborative music video will be released in May, 2015.

The song is produced by Bangalore based production house Eastern Fare and powered by Music Malt.