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Origins of Rock and Metal Music in India - by Daskino

(From - ) (Posted by: daskino | September 19, 2010 ) Rock music scene in India is extremely small when compared to the film or fusion scenes. Rock in India has its origins in the early 60′s and 70′s when international stars like ‘ The Beatles’ visited our country and brought their music with them. Many prominent artistes collaboration with Indian musicians like ‘Zakir Hussain’ and ‘Pandit Ravi Shankar’ have led to the development of ‘Raga Rock’. This led various radio stations such as BBC and The Voice of America, who played a major part in bringing Western pop , folk and rock music to the masses. Mainstream Rock, also called as ‘Heritage Rock’ is a major radio format used by many commercial radio stations, predominantly in U.S.A , Canada and India. However Indian Rock bands began to gain prominence only in the late 80′s. It was some where around this time the Rock band ‘Indus Creed’ formerly known as the ‘Rock Machine’ got

...Where music knows no bias - Citizen Matters

By  S K Shivashankar, Bangalore [ Citizen Matters ] [Published date: 12 Jul 2010] Most of you are aware of the 11 pm curfew on Bangalore’s night-life that is in place today, but did you know that a couple of years ago there was a ban on western live music performances altogether? As unusual as it may seem now, western music performances were put in the same bracket as club or bar dancing. Karan Karthik, stifled by this lack of freedom of expression, wanted to bring about a change in people’s perception of live western music performances. To achieve this, he, along with a few friends, sought the help of the state horticulture department to provide an open space to conduct a monthly music event. After a lot of deliberation, the department consented and thus on November 1st 2008, 'The Live Gig' was born. A year later, Sowmya Raghavan, a Carnatic music student of ten years, met Karthik at a jamming session in Bangalore. They soon became friends and now jointly manage The Live G

Bangalore schools to help class X, XII students beat stress - Times of India

From: Times of India [Published on Sep 6, 2010] BANGALORE: Noodles and chocolates before a special class. Glucose to keep you going. Carnatic music and yoga to soothe your mind. If you are a Class X or XII student, then get pampered by schools. To make students sail through this tough year without stress, schools in the city have come up with various such measures. Providing snacks to students before a special class seems to be a common practice in many schools. "The regular classes get over by 3pm. We give a small break before the special class commences. During this period, we provide refreshments. The menu varies — it can be idli, dosa, bread toast or noodles in small amounts. They should have the energy to study as the classes may go on till 4.30pm," said Nagarathna S Murthy, principal, Geethanjali Vidyalaya. This has been a practice for the past five years now. At Florence Public High School, they provide snacks before the special class. "In the morning, they

Music Education in Bangalore

By Krishna Haloi, Bangalore [ G-News ] [Published Date: September 17, 2009] Music education has improved with the help of numerous institutions. Today Bangalore has become a hub for national and international music schools. Karnataka plays an important role in the scene of Indian classical music with both Carnatic and Hindustani styles. The word ‘Karnataka’ doesn’t only mean the State of Karnataka. It also means Carnatic Music as a performing art form. Many Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan award winners and celebrated Carnatic and Hindustani musicians like Basavaraja Rajaguru, Gangubai Hangal, Sawai Gandharva and several others hail from Karnataka. In the recent years umpteen musicians and students have come down to Bangalore from various places with a common dream of sharing and acquiring the knowledge of music. Today there are dozens of music institutions in Bangalore that are dedicated to contributing to the progress or growth and supporting Indian Classical and Western Music. O

Music and Bangalore

By Parmita Borah, Bangalore [ Mangalorean.Com ] [ Published Date: December 17, 2009 ] Bangalore city in Karnataka, better known as the electronic city (thanks to all the IT investors and professionals), has also been privileged with a rich cultural heritage, music being one of its core elements. This widespread love and admiration for music is perhaps triggered by the very fact that the name “Karnataka” owes its roots to the word “Carnatic” meaning “performing art”. This culturally prosperous land is marked by many musical bards who have contributed significantly to both forms of Indian classical music, the Carnatic and Hindustani traditions. A home to many outstanding musicians, veterans and upcoming, Karnataka prides itself of renowned musical personalities like Purandara Dasa (the father of Carnatic music), Kalakkad Subbiah Ramanarayanan Iyer, Dr Nithyasree Mahadevan, Gingger Shankar, Basavaraja Rajaguru, Gangubai Hangal and Sawai Gandharva. The newfangled musicians of Karnatak