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Here’s an engineer who makes music (Mano Murthy)

Published: Monday, Jan 31, 2011, 12:17 am IST By G S KUMAR | Place: Bangalore | Agency: TNN; Times of India Mano Murthy It was December-end 2005. Music director Mano Murthy was getting ready to leave for the US. Suddenly, he got a call from director Yograj Bhat, who wanted to know whether Mano Murthy was ready to direct the music for his next movie, which he wanted to shoot with fresh faces. The soft-spoken music director told Bhat he would contact him after landing in the US. Promptly, Bhat got a call and for nearly eight months, tunes and lyrics were tossed about in discussions over phone and email. The movie was Mungaru Male. While Bhat was busy shooting, Mano Murthy worked on the music. It was only during the re-recording stage that Bhat and Murthy met, and finetuned the music. Not even during the pre-release screening did anyone dream that Mungaru Male would be a trendsetter in Sandalwood. The rest is history. While Yograj Bhat emerged as a director with a vision, Mano Murt

Eastern Fare Music Foundation - Music of Euphonic Sounds (Articlebase)

Published: Monday, Dec 30, 2010, 9:27 IST By Niyor Bordoloi | Place: Bangalore | Agency: Articlebase Upon the fabric of silence does one weaves notes and creates music ... Eastern Fare Music Foundation is one such turf which still holds on to such a thought and proudly propagates it. In an era where music is being bargained over as a fast moving commodity, Eastern Fare affectionately tries to preserve the accent of sound. Located in Koramangala, the heart of Bangalore city in India, this music institute with a difference engages in providing tutelage to music enthusiasts of all ages. It had its inception in the year 2007 with a bitty total of five students. In today's date, Eastern Fare has half dozen branches all over Bangalore giving Music education to more than a hundred pupils. Eastern Fare prepares students for grade exams conducted by Trinity School of Music, London; but it diverts itself from the regular method of teaching. The institute focuses on a concept based learn