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UK’s finest drum n’ bass quartet – RUDIMENTAL to perform a DJ set at Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights

The first club night series of 2015 witnessed trance legend, Markus Schulz enthralling his fans with his heart thumping electrifying beats. Kick start this monsoon with  Rudimental , a UK based drum ‘n’ beat group on the  19 th  and 20 th  of June  at  Kitty Su in Mumbai and Delhi  respectively for  Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights. UK’s chart toppers, Rudimental make it difficult to actually pinpoint the right genre of music they belong to, especially when they have trumpet and guitar solos infused into electronic beats. Their album  Home  debuted number 1 in the UK which was also nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2013. They won several awards including the  Brit Award , and the  Mobo Award  for Best Album.  Rudimental also received nominations at the  MTV Europe Music Awards  for Best New Act, Best UK and Ireland act. Rudimental have achieved multiple  Platinum awards  for record sales in several countries including in the United Kingdom and Australia. Rudimental with power house of mus

Kalpana Patowary takes Bhojpuri folk music to the mass. “KHADI BIRHA” in Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4

Kalpana Patowary at Coke Studio, MTV Kalpana Patowary, the Bhojpuri singer from Assam is back to the Coke Studio @ MTV with Khadi Birha, folk tunes of the Ahirs, Uttar Pradesh. Dhruv Ghanekar, the composer, producer and highly respected guitar player from Mumbai, has producing the song 'Birha' along with Kalpana. Previously Kalpana and Angaraag Papon Mahanta collaborated on Coke Studio season 3 and produced the song Baisara Beera, a track with elements of Rajasthani maand with Barpeta, Assam’s holi music. Kalpana is currently reigning as the queen of the Bhojpuri music. She is one of the few stalwarts who have popularized Bhojpuri folk music combining with contemporary style. She got International acclaim with the release of her Bhojpuri musical documentation on Bhikhari Thakur, also known as Shakespeare of Bhojpuri literature. She has so far performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the music industry of India like Trilok Gurtu, Guru Reben Masangva, Loui

Aakaxok Subo Khojo - the second from the ChaiTunes series

Antara Nandy, Jim Ankan Deka and Vinod M Singh (a shot from Aakaxok Subo Khojo) When the sixteen year old Antara Nandy met Jim Ankan Deka (who is also sixteen at heart), all they could talk about was vibrancy of life and reaching up to the blue skies. Little wonder, the duo came up with a song called ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, which in Assamese means ‘the desire to touch the sky’. Previously Nandy and Deka had collaborated on a campaign against violence towards women, " Awaaz - speak up against sexual violence ", where Nandy raised her voice against child sexual abuse. Aakaxok Subo Khojo - Antara Nandy & Jim Ankan Deka Their second collaboration ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, is a part of the musical series “ ChaiTunes ” which is also the second video of the series. Produced by  Eastern Fare Music Foundation , and a concept created by Music Malt , ChaiTunes aims to discover and bring together musicians from different genres and geos and help them brew a fine blend of music.