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Radio City continues its dominance for 3 years with the highest listenership of 6.9 crores, as per the latest AZ research findings

Radio City tops the North, South and West zone Radio City tops the North, South and West zone as an absolute leader amongst radio networks in the country. India’s leading radio network has once again topped the charts as the nation’s numero uno radio station according to AZ Research’s Baseline Study 2019. Radio City garnered a massive listenership of 6.9 crores across 34 markets with the highest listenership in the North, West and South zones. Imbibing the brand philosophy of ‘Rag Rag Mein Daude City’ that invokes city passion for the listeners, Radio City continues its hegemony in listenership across the nation. Crowning the highest listenership of 91 lakhs in Mumbai, Radio City achieved top positions in Pune (40 lakhs), Ahmedabad (39 lakhs), Surat (36 lakhs), Nagpur (22 lakhs), Jaipur (20 lakhs), Nashik (12 lakhs), Baroda (12 lakhs) and Ahmednagar (7 lakhs), emerging as the top player with a listenership of 2.9 crores in the West zone. Correspondingly, North Zone and South zone

Raja RME’s latest single ft. Bobkat from his debut album ‘Reboot’

Raja RME’s latest single ft. Bobkat from his debut album ‘Reboot’ Raja RME drops his 3rd single ft The Real Bobkat from Bombay Bassment 'Lose it' Out Now across all platforms After two power-packed singles ‘Down It’ and ‘Dreams to Reality’, rapper and entrepreneur Raja Mukherjee aka Raja RME have just dropped the third and final single from his debut album ‘Reboot’. Titled ‘Lose It’, the track features the legendary frontman of Bombay Bassment, BobKat. The remaining of RME's debut album ‘Reboot’ is scheduled to drop in the last week of May 2019. ‘Lose It’ celebrates hip-hop and the rock-solid community supporting the hip-hop culture. It’s the perfect summer anthem, reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop. The track consists of trumpets and hard hitting 808 drums with two of Mumbai’s veteran rappers Raja and Bobkat, talking about their love for music and what keeps them going time and again. Hailing from India’s hip-hop capital, Mumbai, the music video features cameo

ChaiTunes to release next Assamese song featuring Mayukh Hazarika

Niyoror Xur | ChaiTunes After almost a decade since he released his last song, Mayukh Hazarika, the frontman of Mayukh Hazarika & The Brahmaputra Balladeers, is teaming up with musicians & artists from different parts of the world for a new Assamese song. Music Malt in association with OK North East releases 'Niyoror Xur' (the tune of dew drops), featuring Mayukh Hazarika on vocals. The song is composed by Jim Ankan Deka and penned down together by Assamese writer duo Late Bhabananda Deka and Late Nalini Prava Deka. It is the 5th from the ChaiTunes Project of collaborative music. Mayukh Hazarika is the son of legendary Assamese musician duo Jayanta Hazarika and Manisha Hazarika and nephew of the 'Bard of Assam' Dr Bhupen Hazarika. CREDITS: Jim Ankan Deka: Music Mayukh Hazarika: Vocals Bhabananda Deka, Nalini Prava Deka: Lyrics Ankur Deka: Lyrics Re-touch Prabal Gogoi: cajon Gaurav Choudhury: rhythm guitar, back vocals Debjani Hazarika: percussi