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North East Festival 2014 - connecting people, celebrating life

 North East Festival 2014 | November 7-10, 2014 Event - North East Festival 2014  WHEN November 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2014 WHERE IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi, India Entry Free CONTACT Phone : +91 (011) 23388155 Email : MORE INFO AT INFORMATION Guru Rewben Mashangva at North East Fest (photo - To reduce the regional gaps and to celebrate the essence of North East India, NORTH EAST FESTIVAL will be organized from 7th to 10th November, 2014 at IGNCA Ground, Janpath, New Delhi. Considered as the biggest ever festival on North East Region in the National capital, The event is aimed to highlight the positive aspects of the region which is so full of talents, resources and success stories. The “North East Festival” has become a brand which is synonymous with the unification of the various stakeholders of North East under one dynamic platform. The importance of North East Festiva

When life gives you lemons, sing Lemon Tree | Priyanka's Moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle - “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden. This song has been a constant in every karaoke event I’ve ever attended! It’s the song that you sing when you have no other songs coming to you. The lyrics being easy and repetitive, it doesn’t require much thought to sing it. “Lemon Tree” is definitely the most popular song by Fool’s Garden. It’s from their album “Dish of the Day” and was released in 1995. The song reached number one in several music charts and has been translated into more than FORTY languages! A lot have been discussed on the meaning of the lyrics; why the singer keeps seeing the Lemon Tree? (“And all that I can see is just the Yellow, Lemon Tree”); are there hidden connotation behind the use of “Lemon” tree? The discussions are many; but I still don’t know why they wrote what they wrote. To me, it’s a straight-forward song. It’s just a really happy, upbeat tune disguising the m

Lennon's secret 'Chord' behind Hey Jude | Priyanka's Moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle - Hey Jude by The Beatles. This is the song I would absent-mindedly sing… anytime, anywhere. Isn’t this the perfect sing-a-long song?! This song by The Beatles was written by McCartney with Lennon sharing credits. There are so many theories chronicling the lyrics. But the most common theory is that McCartney wrote this to comfort Lennon’s son, Julian (so, Julian is the “Jude” Dude), during Lennon’s divorce. It was released as a single in 1968 and was Beatles’ longest single running 7:11. Listen to it carefully and around 2:55, you will hear Lennon saying “…chord!” while Paul’s singing. Lennon was actually saying “Got the wrong chord!” but the word CHORD is the most audible, and after 2-3 counts, you hear McCartney say “F***ing hell” !! The doodle is just a fun, 'situational' doodle showing a girl letting her hair down and singing along while listening to the song on the ca

Music Malt Online Fest-2014 winning music videos

Music Malt Online Fest-2014 winners! Festival date - October 18, 2014. First of all, thank you all for the overwhelming response to MMOF 2014. In its very first edition, MMOF was introduced to a plethora of talent from across the globe. No matter how clichéd it sounds, do believe us when we say that we had a tough time deciding on the winners. Our judges went through hundreds of videos, debated and nearly fought over the long list, short list, and finally the winners. There were many amazing videos we could not accept as all the criteria were not met. Among the ones accepted, in some instances the videos were amazing but the music didn’t make the cut, and in other instances vice versa. Remember, we were looking for an original song that creates the perfect alchemy between music and visuals. And after much thought and deliberation, we have our final three. Song of Substance Beautiful Music by Nez Erok Directed by Paul Komadina (Australia) Song of Substance (a video that sends a

Music Malt Online Fest-2014 submissions

A total of 257 music videos were submitted for Music Malt Online Fest-2014 . The submission started on August 15, 2014 and continued till October 15, 2014. More than 29 countries participated in the festival. Below are the details. MMOF-2014 Categories Entries Creative Genius (Music Video) 114 Song of Substance (Music Video) 74 The Dream Weaver (Music Video) 69 Country Submissions United States 53 United Kingdom 15 Canada 10 India 8 France 8 Norway 7 Portugal 6 Spain 6 Italy 5 Iran, Islamic Republic of 5 Argentina 5 Australia 5 Slovakia 4 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 4 Not Specified 4 Country Submissions Germany 3 Russian Federation 3 Israel 3 New Zealand 2 Brazil 2 Poland 1 China 1 Finland 1 Colombia 1 Japan 1 Serbia 1 Slovenia 1 Iceland 1 Taiwan 1 Mexico 1

Mangoes and Music with Jack Johnson | Priyanka's Moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle - Better Together by Jack Johnson. Sometimes you just want to listen to simple songs with uncomplicated lyrics, nice tunes with uplifting beats. I always rely on Jack Johnson’s songs to calm my mind when it gets too buzzing. It’s soothing and easy on the ears. Today, I feel particularly happy. So, I decided to make a doodle on “Better Together” from Jonhson’s album “In Between Dreams”. A simple song of love and of togetherness. To compliment the song, I made a doodle of a couple enjoying their time together. J By and by, just a little trivia: Do you know this album was recorded in Johnson’s studio which was named “Mango Tree”? The cover art of the album “In Between Dreams” also depicts a Mango Tree. What's more, in one line of the song “Better Together”, we hear the words “Not so many things we got to do, or places we got to be, we’ll sit beneath the Mango Tree now”. With all the

Listen up Bangalore! Voodoo Child is on its way!

This November, gear up for stellar performances by Voodoo Child , North East India's premiere Rock and Roll band. Formed in 2002, these devotees of Rock and Roll has played all over the country at pubs, clubs and prestigious music festivals. If you've been blown away by their classic Rock and Roll covers, wait until you hear their original compositions. So tuck away your iphones, put away your laptops, get ready to groove to evenings of power packed Rock and Roll music. Line-up: Rittique Phukan (vocals) , Jim Ankan Deka (guitar and keys) , Pankaj Rajkhowa (bass) , Vicky Mahanta (drums and percussion) NOV 7  2014 Voodoo Child will be performing at Take 5 Lounge, a classy and elegant pub in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Date: Friday, November 7, 2014 Time: 8:30 PM Entry: Free Venue:  No. 54, MSK Plaza, 2nd Floor, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru-560038 Booking & Contact: 080 65300645 | 080 25291054 | 9972002106 NOV 8  2014 Catholic Club Bangalore pre

Ziro Festival of Music 2014 | photo showcase

— by  Music Malt   | Arunachal Pradesh Ziro Festival of Music is arguably one of the most sought after music festivals in India. Held at Ziro, a town in Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh of North East India , the festival witnesses acts by national and international bands and musicians every year. The 2014 festival saw performances by 32 bands and artists. Here are few moments of the event. Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Himadri Bhuyan) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Himadri Bhuyan) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Nayan Deka) Ziro Festival of Music (photo - Naya

We can be Heroes just for one day | Priyanka's moodle

— by Priyanka Gogoi | Mumbai Doodle by Priyanka Gogoi Music + Doodle = Moodle |Today’s Moodle is a song by David Bowie. This is a very literal doodle of the line “We can be Heroes just for one day”, taken from the song ‘”Heroes”’ by David Bowie. The song is actually a romantic song (though it’s been used quite often in championships and such, for eg., it was played when Britain’s athletes entered the stadium during the 2012 Summer Olympics). I don’t remember when I first heard this song. It has been around since 1977, long before I was born, and it has been covered by a lot of artists (though I have listened to none of the other versions). In fact, this song has been ranked as one of the greatest singles of all time by various magazines. And rightly so, I guess. Many of them recognize it as The Tunnel Song from the movie The Perks of being a Wallflower! The song is romantic, yet melancholic. It gives courage, yet wants us to be careful. It was inspired by an affair during